Comms Design's brief was to re-design the electronics and mechanics for improved performance, manufacturability and reliability, and to assist with product re-launch.

UltraCane Mobility Aid for the blind and partially sighted

The UltraCane is an ingenious, award-winning electronic device that gives mobility assistance to blind and partially-sighted people by using ultrasound echolocation, similar to the system used by bats. The user receives information about obstacles in their immediate environment via tactile feedback in the handle.

The product was originally developed and launched by a university spin-off company in 2005 and received very favourable reviews. Unfortunately, there were some manufacturing and reliability issues and production was halted. However, a group of new investors who had faith in the product came forward, with a wish to see it returned to the market. In 2011 they approached Comms Design to see if we could help with a re-launch. After 9 months of evaluation and re-engineering, a much improved version of the UltraCane was back in production.

The re-launched product is now selling worldwide with great feedback from the blind and partially-sighted community.

Using Ultracane's technology, Comms Design has developed Ultrabike, enabling sight disabled people to cycle. Ultrabike has been on display at the London Science Museum and was featured in the BBC's Miracles of Nature programme, presented by Richard Hammond.

For more information visit www.ultracane.com