Transportable Token Unit

Track working on RETB rail networks? Use a TTU…

The TTU (Transportable Token Unit) allows work teams to rapidly and safely take possession of a track section.

When a work team needs to access the track in an RETB network, they use a TTU. Once on site and ready to work, they are issued with a token for that section, which is displayed on the TTU token instrument. This prevents trains being routed through this section until the token is returned. When work is finished the team simply returns the token, instantly freeing the possession and making the route available for normal traffic.

The TTU also allows voice calls to be made and received with the signaller using the built-in microphone and waterproof loudspeaker.

Using the same radio technology as the train mobile (Cab Display Radio) means that the TTU will automatically tune to the strongest radio channel available.