RETB in the UK

Efficient, low-cost radio signalling - RETB NG is in operation across some of the most rugged parts of the United Kingdom, on over 23 classes of locomotive.

RETB NG delivers safe and efficient train control across large parts of the UK rail network

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The West Highland Line and Far North Line in Scotland are signalled using Comms Design's RETB Next Generation radio signalling system - a flexible, cost effective radio signalling system meeting SIL level 4.

This £20 million project has delivered a brand new radio based signalling system for the North and West of Scotland. Comms Design Limited were selected by Network Rail to design and deliver the new electronic equipment for this project.

RETB NG not only allows the continued operation of radio token signalling in a new part of the radio spectrum, but also provides improved coverage, lower driver workload and highly efficient remote management tools

  • 4 systems covering the North and West of Scotland
  • Low cost infrastructure: 38 radio zones cover 700km of track
  • 300+ train installations across 23 rolling stock types
  • Next generation full system renewal completed in 2014
  • Fully approved for UK rail, designed and delivered by Comms Design

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