RETB Next Generation

Comms Design developed equipment for the Next Generation upgrade to the RETB (Radio Electronic Token Block) system for Network Rail in Scotland.

RETB Next Generation Upgrade for the West Highland Line and Far North Line

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Radio Electronic Token Block, RETB, is a railway signalling system used to ensure safe two-way train operation over single track routes. Token issue and voice messages are sent over a radio network allowing control of large stretches of route from a single manned signalling centre. A Token is issued to the train by the signaller and is shown on a display unit in the cab. Voice communications and use of a unique display unit identifier verify the token exchange which is to SIL level 4.

RETB NG provides many advantages over previous RETB systems including improved coverage and lower driver workload, and also adds highly efficient remote management.

Comms Design develops and manufactures on-train equipment, fixed radio base stations, portable support equipment, signalling desk interfaces and remote asset monitoring software, and provides the training and in-field support services that provide a full turnkey signalling solution.

Trusted as a nominated sub-contractor by Network Rail, the UK’s track infrastructure owner, Comms Design Ltd has been involved in RETB since 2005.

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