A-RETB – The Future of Digital in-cab Railway Signalling

RETB has earned an enviable reputation for safety and efficiency in over 30 years of continuous operation on the UK rail network. Comms Design is adding the latest communication and positioning technologies to make Advanced RETB the choice for the future of safe single-track digital in-cab railway signalling.

Enhanced user aids reduce driver and signaller workload, allowing remote routes to finally be used to their full potential. With low capital outlay and flexible installation, A-RETB can be rapidly deployed to improve the safety, performance and efficiency of your rail network.

A-RETB is the ideal solution to provide safe digital signalling and train control on rural, single track, passenger, freight or industrial routes, or other areas where conventional signalling systems are deemed impractical or uneconomic.

A-RETB replaces voice authority, physical token and card working systems with state-of-the-art command and control.










Using resilient communications and positioning systems, A-RETB provides train integrity monitoring with protection against collision, over-speed and track authority violation.


  • Digital in-cab signalling and train control with minimal track-side infrastructure
  • Resilient communications provides a reliable and secure data link with trains, whatever the conditions
  • Resilient positioning using sensor fusion accurately locates trains at all times
  • Signaller’s real-time caution setting with in-cab alerts improves situational awareness
  • Remote condition monitoring of fixed-site and on-train equipment provides detailed analysis of system performance
  • Train protection and track access permission without the need for track circuits or treadles
  • Backed by Comms Design’s experience in delivering complex rail projects, including training courses and test & maintenance tools

For more information on A-RETB and how it can transform rural, remote passenger and industrial rail routes, contact us.