RETB – Proven Digital In-Cab Railway Signalling

Is this your railway?

Are you considering a new rural route? Or perhaps you’re already operating a route that relies on basic train control methods?

Now you don’t have to compromise on efficiency and capacity, even on your most remote routes. Digital in-cab signalling from Comms Design can improve safety and increase capacity, all at a fraction of the cost of many other signalling systems.

Why is RETB the most cost-effective in-cab rail signalling solution for single track railways?

Our RETB in-cab digital rail signalling systems are in use on over 700km of route in the United Kingdom. Meeting stringent Network Rail safety and quality standards, RETB is available for a lower capital investment than traditional signalling systems.

RETB is backed by a comprehensive training programme and with our enhanced Advanced RETB upgrades, rapid technical support and system test tools, you can be sure that your investment in RETB will continue to serve your rail signalling needs into the future. What is RETB?Why RETB?

Where would RETB Digital In-cab Signalling be beneficial?

RETB can bring improvements in safety, capacity and efficiency to rail routes that have some or all of the following characteristics:

Single Track Railways?

RETB was designed to solve the problem of track permission on single track routes

Remote Routes?

RETB requires little track-side infrastructure making it ideal for long and remote rail routes

Low to Medium Capacity?

The low cost per kilometre of RETB makes it economical to implement even for lightly used rail networks

Track permission by warrant or telephone?

RETB access permission is controlled from a single signalling desk backed by SIL4 interlocking

Physical Tokens?

Radio Tokens allow total flexibility in routing trains, without the need to move and retrieve physical tokens

Mechanical Signals?

By removing the need for track-side signalling, RETB saves on maintenance and failures due to reliability or vandalism

Poor Communications?

RETB is built using Comms Design’s expertise in radio planning, eliminating communication holes

Expensive Infrastructure?

RETB has very little track-side infrastructure, which drastically reduces Op-Ex investment. Due to the flexible and compact design of the radio base stations, they can normally be installed in existing equipment rooms, reducing the installation cost even further.

Switches & Turnouts?

RETB can operate with a variety of switches and turnouts, from manually-operated switches to the train-operated switches used in the UK, through to token-operated interlocked turnouts that have been developed for higher speed railroad routes and critical junctions.