From prototypes and small volume production to mass-market high volume products, Comms Design has the design and management experience to bring innovative solutions to market

Comms Design product design services

Comms Design provides design and production consultancy services for niche electronic consumer products. Our dedication to high quality product design and manufacture is a constant theme of all our work.

All design and prototyping work for our products is undertaken by our in-house design team. Volume production is then performed by our carefully selected subcontractor partners, all of whom are ISO 9001 certified.

Alongside our expert design services we are also skilled in the approvals process for EMC, on-train equipment and testing for harsh environments.

RETB Next Generation:

Comms Design Radio Electronic Token Block solution offers robust and flexible radio railway signalling at a fraction of the cost of traditional sigalling schemes; all without the maintenance and infrastructure overhead of track-side physical signals. Proven in the field, our mobile radios and base station installations bring high-quality voice communications and safe operation to remote and inaccessible rail routes.Find out more


Ultracane brings new levels of mobility and independance to blind and partially sighted users around the world. Comms Design re-developed this ultrasonic white cane into a robust and award-winning product which has been featured in TV documentaries and at the London Science Museum. Taking the idea further, Comms Design used the technology to develop Ultrabike - allowing sight-impared cyclists to experience the freedom of two wheels.
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Remote Asset Monitoring:

Using the technology developed for two generations of RETB, Comms Design offers its remote asset monitoring capabilities for applications across industries including energy production, agriculture, commerce and haulage. Our cloud-based software services allow you to extract the most value from the data generated by your assets.
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Radio Infrastructure & Planning :

Our research-based approach to radio planning and infrastructure development allows the most efficient telecommunication system installations. Our innovative solutions in planning and equipment design enable robust radio networks to operate in harsh environments and difficult terrain.
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