Emergency & Utilities

The Comms Design team has experience of working closely with emergency services and utilities in telecommunications, control room infrastructure and asset tracking.

When time is money, or lives...

Telecommunications systems play a huge part in the everyday operation of many organisations, but they are vital where your workforce is distributed and they need to respond quickly.

For the emergency services these systems help save lives. For utilities, a quick response means a quick resolution to problems that can have far-reaching effects for their customers and society.

The Comms Design team has worked extensively in these markets over many years and a variety of systems:

  • Integrated emergency control rooms
  • Fleet tracking and dispatch systems
  • Lone worker systems

As well as the obvious benefit to front line response, effective systems also help improve efficiency in terms of fuel and personnel, and allow better access to collaborative tools to improve team working.

Comms Design has in-house experience of working closely with regulatory and regional organisations, giving us a clear understanding of the unique problems these services face.