Remote Asset Monitoring

Comms Design cloud based asset monitoring solutions allow you to take control of your investment, producing better efficiency and a more reliable service.

Remote Asset Monitoring brings greater visibility of your valuable data

Making sure that your system is working to it's full potential is key in bringing high efficiency and improving margins. When your assets are distributed across a wide area in often difficult to reach areas it's doubly important that you can check performance and spot potential issues early, wherever you are.

Comms Design has experience in both remote data capture and dissemination of that data to remote clients, via customisable and flexible web tools. Our software service allows full reporting and instant notification of issues, such as power supply problems, operating and ambient temperature limits, unauthorised access and failure alarms.

Location information from GPS receivers can be incorporated to allow tracking of mobile or movable assets and their status. Map views giving instant feedback to users of asset location mean there are reduced delays in sending support to the correct location.

By analysing the captured data our systems can also help predict failures, meaning scheduled maintenance can be reduced or redefined for maximum effectiveness and service personnel can be positioned ahead of time to keep critical assets operational at all times.

Applications for our Remote Asset Monitoring solutions:

  • Radio base station condition monitoring - detection of antenna faults, power supply or battery condition, remote weather conditions
  • Renewable Energy Systems - load and supply monitoring, mechanical system condition (e.g. gearboxes and bearings)
  • Freight tracking - rail and marine load location, mis-handling reporting, status of on-board systems (e.g. refrigeration)
  • Vending - stock level monitoring with automatic re-ordering, location reporting, damage and forced access alarms
  • Farming & Agriculture - remote sensor data aggregation, soil and air condition reporting
  • Pollution & Environmental monitoring - Air & water pollution reporting, level alarms, flood warnings