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Proven Railway Signalling

Modern in-cab rail signalling for single track rail routes

A class 66 loco fitted with RETB low cost signalling operating on the West Highland Line

Proven in-cab signalling for single-track railways

The RETB Next Generation system is an innovative renewal of a proven radio signalling solution designed to be affordable even on remote single-track routes with low to medium traffic.

Our RETB Next Generation Rail Signalling system is in use in the United Kingdom and is ideal for industrial and rural routes around the world.

Meeting stringent Network Rail safety and quality standards, RETB is available for a much lower capital investment than traditional signalling systems.

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RETB in-cab radio signalling is equally suited to controlling passenger trains or freight traffic with flexible on-train equipment installation. It is simple to operate for both signallers and train drivers alike, and modular equipment allows rapid maintenance, keeping down-time to a minimum.

RETB is the ideal replacement for semaphore signals, mechanical signals, coloured light signals and other types of single track train control. In fact, it does not require any kind of track side signals to control trains. RETB handles access permission for train movements allowing trains to operate safely on single-track railways without signal box personnel, physical train detection systems or substantial trackside infrastructure.

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Comms Design Limited was trusted to deliver a completely new suite of products for Network Rail UK. This integrated system supports rural routes across the North and West of Scotland.



Our roots lie in radio frequency systems design, and in building capable, software-defined RF communications products. We have been supplying innovative electronic products since 1991.


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RETB in-cab signalling is product approved by Network Rail in the United Kingdom. Each RETB network is built from a suite of products, fully supported by test equipment, spares, repairs and training.


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